Wednesday, January 16, 2013

when Strong is your only choice

Although there's always at least 2 sides of a story and in some cases even more than one, the whole story deal with the Lance Armstrong's doping past, to me is just getting freaking outta control.

Give the man a break already!

From my point of view it is just too much and too unnecessary to put a person through all of this after they have already accepted responsibility on an error they committed and they are paying their dues in money, shame and personal rendition.

I was never an official fan of Mr. Armstrong when he was at "the top of the mountain", I do remember hearing about him winning his first Tour of France, then the second, and the third and the rest... until he reached an amazing record of 7 winnings.
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Well, yes, he perhaps had some extra help by doping, but that doesn't take out the fact that he trained and was on his bike for many hours everyday, giving it all he got and more.

Now, the part that bothers me the most is; if he only had won the Tour 1 time and they found he was using "enhancements" is one thing, but where was the Anti-Doping agency for 7 freaking years while he was winning, over and over and over again?!?

Why now, why after so long they have to come with all their force and "crucify" him as if he was the only one man and athlete on the planet that ever used enhancement drugs to get the most out of his performance?!?

I do know he denied the allegations for a long time, but then he also said he wasn't the only one on his team that was doing it, so why aren't the rest of those athletes included in this "witch hunt", just because they didn't win the race they are exempt from the responsibility of using enhancers?

And as we speak many others athletes from different sport are using enhancement drugs and not being "hunt down" for it. Why is he?

This is all a freaky show of power and greed, leave the man alone, he has all been through cancer, 7 Tour de France and now this...

The world needs to start concentrating more in helping those in need and not boycotting those that have had a good positive life and have tried to make a difference (like in the case of Mr. Armstrong's "Livestrong" Cancer foundation)...

Just sayin'... I support Mr. Armstrong, because he is Human and like him we can make and perhaps made our share or mistakes and the best way to pay somebody is with forgiveness and kindness.

Happy Wednesday!

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Colleen said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

My problem with Armstrong isn't the fact that he finally admitted to doping after years of vehemently lying about it. It's that he totally crushed people in the process. Every person who made a claim against him, he totally went after viciously by suing them and completely ruining their reputation. Not to mention suing them for every penny they had. I believe wholeheartedly in Livestrong, and I don't think that organization should be penalized for Armstrong's actions. However, I personally have no sympathy for him whatsover. He needs to make public and private apologies to everyone he's hurt and ruined over the years of his outright lies. That's how I feel about it!

Heather said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I can see both your and Colleen's point of view, because on the one hand, I think there is too much pressure in competitive sports today, therefore leading athletes to feel pressure to dope. But the fact that he did sue and disparage others who suspected him of doping bothers me, too. I do agree that we need to focus on helping others in the world, though, instead of focusing so much on bringing down those who have made mistakes. The media does this all the time with affairs and all sorts of things that are really no one else's business.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

The problem I see here with Lance, is the money. The reason so many people are uptight is because they stand to lose millions due to this scandal.

My issue with Lance is that he did not compete fair with a level playing field. I am thinking about the 2nd place finishers in each Tour De France that must be thinking now...I could have won if I were doped up like Lance. Or they could be thinking, "I am the actual winner because I was not chemically enhanced." Lance pretty much put the Kabosh on those careers. And this is a shame. For what? Money. The Millions that he made after each race. The Endorsements

And now he has made it even tougher for future racers because they have to go through scrutiny short of delivering their liver to make sure they are not using performance enhancing drugs....

On the flip side....I give Lance two thumbs WAY up for his creativity in blood transfusions after the race.

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