Thursday, March 28, 2013

It's so annoying...

There are lots of things and situations in life that are just plain annoying, I know it and you do too... And although I don't really like to complain here are just a few that come to mind today.

It's so annoying when people don't return a greeting even though they heard you perfectly well, I dunno if it's because they are plain rude or perhaps have no manners at all, but c'mon people "hello" it's just a two syllable word and if that is just waaay too much effort then just go for the plain "hi", right?

It's so annoying when people who have never meet or talked to you before, use a joke or a "clever" comment for their first interaction. I find this annoying mainly because you don't know other people's humor so why start an interaction pretending you are funny when in fact you might sound just sarcastic or even just plain stupid... just saying.

It's so annoying when you write a whole comment on a post and then you have to go through the "word verification" crap, yes, I find that very annoying, but unfortunately lately I've been getting TONS of spam messages from anonymous users to I am being forced to use the word verification from now on... I know, annoying right?

Sorry to all my regular readers and specially those who comment, if this is too much of an inconvenience and you prefer to not comment, I totally get that, hopefully I won't loose you guys fo'eva!

In other news, it's Friday for me, yeeeah, and although we are not having typical Caribbean sunny weather, a cloudy day off beats any sunny day at work, right?

Happy Easter everybody!

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Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

you can use comment moderation like I do!!! I am on blogger also and I just have it so no comment gets posted without my approval, I don't use word verification to do it :)

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I use comment moderation as well. It's a bit of a pain for me, but easier on the readers. I am so SICK of the Spam that I am getting!

God's Little People said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Oh dear... For a short while I had a whole Chinese community of people using my comment box to chat and then suddenly one day it all stopped. I hope the spam heads off somewhere else - spam is truly annoying!

Anna E said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

"Hellooooo" Sunshine ;-) Sometimes it´s just good to air all the annoying "stuff", and funny enough, sometimes one doesn´t get annoyed at all about others making jokes etc. I guess some people just have a way of making contact by joking, probably because of insecurity or plain habit. Others might have a rotten day, and not feel like responding to even a kind "hello". Yesterday my husbond went out to buy food in a supermarket, and found out the supermarket was closing down, and therefore there was 50% off all prices (!). This resulted in him standing for TWO hours in a line to pay for the food, yes TWO whole hours! Afterwards he went out to the car, and a car kept circleing around him, and a "weird" guy kept saying "hello, I have seen you before" again and again. Normally my husbond is very polite and would just smile or maybe give a comment or simply ignore the man. But eventually he turned to the man (after the man had kept on saying the same thing a number of times) and said "I don´t know you, and I am NOT interested in getting to know you!", and it was such a relief to just set a limit in stead of keeping it inside and be annoyed by his behaviour... concerning the Spam, that must be very annoying (and strange how people behave!) - but I guess the only way to avoid it, is by not having an active blog (like me) lol ... and don´t worry, it takes more to loose me as a reader, than a few lines of complaint on the blog ;-)) xo

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