Friday, June 26, 2009

How Sheba came to us...

Our dog Sheba came to us one July afternoon... Here's the whole story.

When we first moved to our new house (that we just finished building) last June 2008, as soon as moved in, this dog from dog the road would break loose from her leash and would come greet us and play around with our dog Ditto (who by the way was not very fond of her at the time).

If she wasn't loose, whenever we used to walk Ditto I would see her there, with out food and water, so I used to carry a bottle of water to refill her bowl and she would go crazy and drink as fast as she could (until I realized that the reason why was because her bowl had a hole so she will try to drink as fast as possible to get all the water) and I will carry treats and give her some...

Then the weather started to get pretty bad cause of hurricane season, we had tropical storm Dolly around and that poor dog spent the whole storm in her little house getting all wet. That's when her situation really started getting to me, I got concerned because I never used to see anybody at the house and I never got to see anybody feeding her or anything.

So, I had a serious talk with my boyfriend (at the time) and told him I wanted to rescue that dog to care for her and make her part of our family. As we both love dogs we had discussed in the past to maybe get a second dog once we were in the new house.

After agreeing to get the dog I started going to the house looking for the owner but never got to talk to them as they were never home. Finally got to talk to some man that lives there and he told me that the dog was his and he was a night guard so he was always sleeping during the day.

A few days went by and one day my boyfriend was walking down the road and a lady called him saying she heard we wanted the dog. Well, looks like the lady really the owner of the dog but was leaving the island for a few years and she rented the house with the dog included! (unbelievable)...

And that is how Sheba came to us and I'm very grateful and happy about having her now.

Sheba's first day and first picture at home

Settling in pretty good...

At the beginning it was tough to get used to both dogs getting along, plus she needed a lot of attention and training. But now she is very settle in and she is great, incredibly loving, protecting, always happy and wanting to play... she is just one of a kind!

Her first swim on the sea... she loves it!

Fancy Shmancy Sheba (goofing around w/a bow)

She is extremely playful and loves that toy (among many others)

getting bigger

Isn't she lovely???

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You saved that dog's life -- bless you both!

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