Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Road to recovery

On December 2006 I was working for a contractors warehouse area of a big hardware store on the island, and while working on a new drill bit display, the guy that was supposed to drill the actual metal display (to hold the drill bits) to the wall didn’t do it properly, so once the display was very full of bits (and very heavy as well), it feel on top of me, knocking me to the floor and while this was happening I had to use my right arm to cover my head.

As you can imagine my arm was very hurt and bruised for a couple of weeks. The same day this happened, just happened to be my last day at this job… go figure! They took me to the hospital and after a very, very long wait at the emergency room they run some x-rays on my arm but since I didn’t have any broken bones they really didn’t do much more tests. Gave me one of those neck things and send me home….

Since then, my shoulder is been extremely tight and painful, but also at the time I used to swim at least 3 times a week so I guess that help contained and release the pain and suffering that my back, shoulder and arm was going through.

Few months passed and I stopped swimming so often, then my pain and suffering came back, but this time with my big thumb on my right hand. Little by little I was just unable to move it several ways, so I decided to start putting “Biofreeze” on it every night to help it… Then I realized it just wasn’t getting better.

Finally a few weeks ago I went to see a massage therapist that I see from time to time, only this time she was not able to give me a full body massage, instead she had to only work on relieving my shoulder and hand. When she saw the state I was in, she recommended that I go seek chiropractic help as she said they pain in my hand and thumb came from my back and shoulder and possibly had some nerve damage as well.

So, I made an appointment with the best chiropractic on the island (recommended by the massage therapist).The first day he did a full back computerize nerve scan and it just unbelievable how a little machine like that can give you so accurate results on how your back and spine is doing.

This is an example of what a nerve scan chart looks like

As you can imagine my results were not good, I have severe nerve damage on the some of my neck and shoulder vertebrae as well as my lower back as a result from my other injuries. Besides the scan (which I really liked as a method to check you status), I like the fact that this doctor does not “crack” your bones, but uses another machine to scan each vertebra and then the machine gives you this little smacks to adjust them…

I have to admit that I’m very happy with my recovery and with just 4 appointments I probably feel about 60% better from my shoulder and over all. I have a lot more energy and besides that the doctor gave me some calcium pills that I need to chew every day to help my muscle recovery and my bones and even for pain!

Besides the calcium, he told me to keep exercising (which I do every day), swimming and he recommended a full body pillow, that I just purchased last night and used it for the first time. I slept great, which means I'm definitely on the road to recovery!!!

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