Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wednesday Movie Post

Is it Wednesday already? Boy this week is really flying by, which is a fine by me because I am leaving to Costa Rica in 8 days and a wake up, can't wait!

So lately I haven't watch very good movies, just typical Hollywood flicks with nothing new or cutting edge.

One of the movies was The Hangover.

And all I have to say about this movie is that it is the typical movie that you hear a lot about in the beginning when it comes out. A lot of reviews, people talking about the trailer and how good it looks, how funny it is...

And yes, I guess it has its funny parts, but nothing too out there or different from any other comedy about partying, being drunk and doing stupid stuff. So, I guess in a way I was disappointed.

The other movie I watched was The Ugly Truth.

Well, this is just another Hollywood movie that uses the never ending theme of Man trying to understand Women and vice versa. I guess some parts are fun-ny because of again it makes a lot of reference to the always present dynamic of Men & Women and how different we are, think and act.

So, in recap this is just another romantic comedy that starts with 2 characters hating each other and they end up falling for each other and I guess living "happily ever after", yeah right!

Why is it directors/producers of movies are so fixed in making movies with the same type of endings over and over again? We need something different out there, we need movies that leave us something to think about, something to feel and in life not everything has a happy ending...

I guess this happens mostly in romantic comedies, but it happens as well in Horror movies, cause at the end most of them get resolved and they find the killer, of kill the killer or something like it, right?

That's one of the reasons why I prefer movies that are based in real facts as well as dramas that not all the time leave you with a sweet soft feeling but that shake your soul and your inner self, right? Much better from my point of view...

But Oh well, I guess if there are people out there that like this very flaky, weak flick they'll continue making them!

In other news: Starting today at work we are going to have a whole 1 hour lunch instead of 1/2 because the season is slowing down and we are not very busy, so I'm going to go to the beach on my hour, lay down on the sun and maybe even take some pictures.

Here's a picture of the beach I'm going to go to:

Happy Hump Day to you!!!

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gamgee said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

i agree, we need something different and original! that's why i can't wait for 'District 9'!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I like katherine Heigl in Grey's Anatomy only. lol

But you are right we need other type of movies. I really enjoy animated movies like ice age, those are even better. :)
Thanks for always having these reviews they do help in picking out things we havent seen.

Jim Styro said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

If you're looking for something off the beaten path, I suggest renting:

Spike Lee's "Inside Man" - a bank heist movie with a twist

"Lars & The Real Girl" - Boy finds true love with...a doll.

"Thank You For Smoking" - Tobacco lobbyist's life is cigarettes.

Thanks for the lowdown on these two flix. They go to the back of the line.

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