Friday, September 18, 2009

Cabaret Dinner

Last night my friend Linda, her daughter Daniella and me went to a place on the island call Vivendi, which is a Cabareth Style Restaurant, meaning you get to have dinner and there's a show going on at the same time.

The show we saw last night was Lady Dove, which is a Cirque du Soleil style production which primarily features circus acts intertwined with theatre. The show tells the story of a heroic pirate who liberates her fellow woman aboard the Libertad and features acts ranging from extreme balancing, aerial ballet, rope walking, strong men, an incredible skating duo, juggling and much more. To me it was all about Pirates of the Caribbean.

I have to admit I was very impressed and very pleased with the performances, I thought it was going to be mainly dancing, but noooo, it was so much more than that. Once the show is over all of the performances come down from the stage and grap people to dance with from the audience.

My friends little girl is only 2 1/2 and she was so focus the whole entire show, she loved it, it was like she was hypnotized, so funny. At the end, as she was the only little girl at the place, every single dancer wanted to dance with her, but she was a little hesitate about dancing with people she didn't know, so I took her on the stage for a while and so did her mom.

We really had a fabulous time and will probably try to go again to catch another show. Here are some of the pictures (sorry about the quality, at times I was afraid to use to flash cause I didn't want to mess up their concentration, silly me, this people are professionals, LOL!).

beginning of the show

 this guys coming were pretty amazing...

the one time Daniella looked back

 they were actually jumping rope like this...

dancing with the audience

Dani and me dancing on the stage

Have a great weekend!!!

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Were other people taking pictures? If yes, then it was ok to take them, if no than it is better you took them without a camera! You never know!! :P

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