Thursday, September 17, 2009


Today is just like another day but it's also a day closer to the weekend, yipeeee!

Besides that, I had one my best friends coming to visit me today.

Old picture of Trudy and me (circa 2006)
Trudy lives in one of the other islands (Cayman Brac), were I used to live before I moved here to Grand Cayman. She was in fact my boss at the hotel I used to work for Brac Reef Beach Resort. But besides working together we were also neighbors and did tons of stuff together, not only she was a good boss but she is also a wonderful person and a fantastic friend. She was also my maid of honor at my wedding last May!

So today, even though we just had a hour lunch together, being with her makes me so happy it uplifts my spirit to have a friend like her. At times I wish she was closer to me, also because she is a very busy person and sometimes it's hard to stay in touch over the phone (and it's definitely not as fun as talking in person).

I miss her a lot and always remember the great times we had together and with her wonderful dog Gracie, she an old dachshund but the sweetest dog I've ever met. Here's a picture of her last year...

I miss you "crazy gracie"

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spending time with old friends is always a day brightener!

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