Monday, October 5, 2009

Full Moon Weekend

On Saturday we went to a Full Moon Party at the Public beach. After the party on our way home we stopped at another part of the beach that was more private so we could night swim, we had my camera so we took some pretty cool shots...

Us in the water

Just goofing around

Then yesterday was our friend Ania's birthday (she is my coworkers wife) so we got invited to the hang out with a bunch of people (including my boss and his wife) at Rum Point which is one of the most beautiful parts of the island. Basically the beach is so shallow that on Sundays most people that own a boat drive there to just hang out, eat, drink and chat on the water... So there were tons of people and even a lot of dogs... We had a great time!

Ania and her dog Trinity

us goofing around!

dogs in kayak and another one one the boat

more boats (it wasn't very busy yet!)...

Unfortunately after a great weekend another work week starts, plus this morning I woke up with a massive throat infection that I need to pay close attention to as this is going to be a pretty busy week and I can't afford to get worst... So I'm already taking more vitamins that normal and hope that it won't get out of control.... Have a great week!

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What great pictures!! Seems like you had a great time relaxing and having fun!!

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