Thursday, October 8, 2009

October Events

It is October already and even though I don't really have a busy social life at all, for some reason this month is filled with 3 big events.

Event #1: On the weekend of Oct. 18th we are going to my friends Vicki and Jason's wedding in Little Cayman (one of the sister islands). For this one, we are going from Friday afternoon and coming back on Monday morning and going to work straight from the airport.

I'm really looking forward to this event as I'm going to see a lot of my friends that I used to work with, plus just the fact of going away for the weekend is going to feel like a little vacation.

Jay and Vicki are getting married!

So, for this joyful occasion I made up my mind and decided not to buy a new dress and wear one that I already own. It was really my plan to buy a new one but then I found out that I have another 2 events after this one...

Event #2: My boss, his name is Guy Harvey (artist, conservationist, fisherman, marine biologist, etc) is going to be highly honored by being inducted in the IGFA (International Game Fish Association)'s Hall of Fame. For this we are going to a big event dinner at the IGFA building in Miami, FL on Oct. 27th. It should be very fun and also nice because there are only 5 people inducted every year and this year, besides my boss there is a fellow Costarican being inducted, so I am ruling for both of them.

In the case of the dress code for this particular event, according to my boss I should wear a casual cocktail dress. So, yesterday after work I stopped a local store and found a nice, cute, not so dressy dress. It looks like this:

So, what do you guys think??? You like it, I guess like any other dress it looks better once you have it one than like this on a manequin, that's why I'll try to put it one and take a picture for visual purposes.

And finally...

Event #3: It's a fundraiser dinner for the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation (yes, my boss has his own foundation to preserve the oceans) and for that one, I have no clue what I'm going to wear.

Unfortunately for me a live on an island that the options for clothing as many other items are quite limited. So I guess I will have to look around some more and hopefully I will be able to find something soon.

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Aw, they make a cute couple! :) You have soo many events! It's awful having to decide what to wear grr.

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