Monday, January 25, 2010

My 1st 2010 dive!

The weekend is gone, but oh so fast, specially when you have to work Saturday and then today is a Holiday on the islands and guess what? I'm working too... Well, at least yesterday's morning dive makes up for the fact that most of the the island had a 3 day weekend and I had a 1 day one...

The dive was fun, took some alright shots unfortunately part of the dive was very frustrating because my camera case buttons were kind of jammed, so when I was trying to take pictures (unless I had perfect light conditions) it was impossible to adjust the settings, meaning I lost some good chances to get an award winning picture, LOL!

And of course this whole camera deal with the buttons, started the minute my husband spotted my favorite fish in the world, an "Spotted Drum" but not just any kind of S.D. but an adult, which by the way is the first time I get to see one (all the other ones I've seen are juvenile and they look very different).

Here's a picture of a juvenile Spotted Drum I've taken a couple of years ago:

And here's the best image I managed to take of the adult one (on yesterday's dive):

See how different they look? Well, at least I managed to get this nice shot.

I have a few other pictures that I will post later this week, have a great one!

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That is awesome to have the opportunity to do something like that!! That is incredible!!

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