Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Resolutions Update

We are almost done with the first month of the year and so far I think I am pretty good about my new year resolutions like I mentioned on this post.

I am being grateful for everything that I have, even if sometimes situations that I encounter don't seem to be something to be grateful for, I know that down the road even the hard obstacles in life are going to make the reward at the end worthwhile.

On the matter of reading a book a month I have to say that I am right on track. On the first weekend in January I went by the Cayman Islands Humane Society book loft and picked up 4 used books for $10ci = $12.50 usd, can't go wrong with that... and all for a good cause.

So far I've read one whole book "Me vs. Me" which is a very light and entertaining novel, nothing too deep but in a way makes you think about different paths in life, decisions and consequences of our acts. If you are going to read this book don't expect a literary masterpiece, but it's fun.

Now I'm on my second book by an author that won the Nobel Prize of Literature back in 2004, the name of the book is "The Double" and because I'm not quite finished yet I will have to get back to you about the review of it, I do have to say though, so far so good!

In the matter of volunteering for an organization I am applying to be a Big Sister for a kid with the program of "Big Brothers, Big Sisters" on the island. I've already spoken with the director and they are getting back to me with the application forms, on my end I have to put some information together and then once I apply they'll need to match my personality and interests with a little girl for me to be her mentor. This makes me very excited and I'm looking forward to it...

Happy Tuesday!

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God's Little People said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

What a brilliant volunteering project to be a Big Sister and mentor. Hope they'll find you a perfect match! Sounds like something that'll be hugely rewarding both ways.

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