Thursday, February 25, 2010


This morning I had an MRI done to find out for sure what's really going on with my neck/shoulder/arm situation.

This was a very interesting experience to say the least, but definitely not something I want to do again (unless I really have to).

In my case, the test today was done on an MRI "open" machine like the one shown in this picture

(In fact this is probably just how I looked while doing it- but only with out the pink pants, LOL!)

Because of the area they needed to get info on me was the spine/neck/shoulder area I was not allowed to move my head of even swallow.

And here's the thing about swallowing, it something so mechanical for your body to do, that you don't even have to think about it at all, but once somebody says to you that u are not allowed to swallow, then it's a whole different ball park, you just feel the constant urge to do it, right? Well at least in my case that's what happened.

The MRI took about 30 minutes, with 4 to 5 minutes intervals of pictures and during this times is when I couldn't move or swallow, the first 4 minute interval I felt really uncomfortable and at some point thought I was going to loose it, so I tried to get very relaxed by praying and meditating, and that way I managed...

In the case of the results, well I got them already on a CD that I need to take next week to my next doctor's appointment, hopefully they will get to the bottom of this situation to start getting it resolved, looking forward to some real relief.

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