Wednesday, June 9, 2010

cayman bECOme

My post today is not about my short trip to Jamaica (although I still have a little more to share with you about that), it's about a much more important news about making a difference for the future of our islands and our environment as a whole.

Check out this important news:

Yeap, isn't it exciting to think that more and more people are starting to realize that we really need to start charging our approach towards plastic bags.

Starting today June 9, 2010 every main grocery store on the island (about 6 in total) will start charging 5 cents for each plastic bag used, well, I know that is not much but at least makes people think twice before getting all those plastic bags.

It's been a while since I've been using plastic bags so to me it's just one more reason to add to the decision that I do not want any more plastic in my life... Change has to start from somewhere and only together we can all make a difference, so bECOme green today!

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