Monday, June 7, 2010


Well, I am back after some wonderful sunny days, I had a great time.

Jamaica is such a beautiful place, reminds me a lot of my own country, with it's luscious vegetation, huge old trees, big magnificent mountains and it's very, very green.

People in general are very nice, helpful and even friendlier than even many of the local people of Cayman.

Although in Ocho Rios some people are very different, there's a big situation of harassment from men (and sometimes even women) that it's pretty bad, you can't walk anywhere without being annoyed and offered all sorts of deals and ways to have a good time (so they think!) makes you feel like you are a walking sex symbol, (yeah right!). There's also people that are constantly trying to sell you stuff and those makes you feel like you walking dollar bill, LOL!

Some areas are very dirty and full of trash (unlike my beloved Cayman that now even more I found it very clean). Everybody drives like a maniac and it's pretty nerve-wracking at times, plus if you are visiting from the US you'll need the add up the fact that they drive on the left side of the road, so that's one more factor the get used to (but not in my case).

I have lots of pictures to share, unfortunately I haven't even gotten around to sort them out cause I arrived late last night, so meanwhile I am going to share this collage postcard I bought in 8 Rios and that gives a pretty good idea of what Jamaica is all about (and more!).

So, if you ask me: Should I visit Jamaica? I would say, Yeh Mon'! it's a great Caribbean destination, nice people, good food, wonderful beaches, beautiful rain forest, rivers, reggae, and more! You won't be disappointed...

More to share, soon come... Have a great week!

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I can only imagine just how much fun and tropical this location can make you feel.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

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